Restaurant Management System

At points where demand for tables exceeds availability, reservations become necessary for discerning guests, who want to avoid wasting time waiting for a table – bookings thus become a core ingredient of the hospitality experience. This is particularly important for diners who are resource rich, and time poor, who constitute a core clientele of most successful restaurants. Where reservations are not offered, many of these high spending guests simply go elsewhere. In short, reservations boost the customer experience and maximise revenue for the restaurant.
Like any resource, the correct management and planning of reservations minimises table waste.

Restaurant Management System quickly and clearly identifies wasted tables, and maximises booking opportunities for both restaurant and guest, under the rules strictly set by the individual restaurant. The net result is more seated diners versus other booking methods, or walk-in only approaches. The Restaurant Management System booking system also maximises the customer experience by smoothly booking volume over the evening, minimising unnecessary waiting, and ensuring that the internal staff resources are available and deployed to ensure each guest has an enjoyable experience.